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Chirimoto Development Project |

Supporting and assisting intercultural community service

Providing aid and development to the people of Chirimoto, Peru.


Chirimoto Development Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization conducting humanitarian efforts for the relief of poverty in Chirimoto, Limabamba, Totora and Milpuc, Peru, and their surrounding areas.

How We Help

It’s simple – we make things happen. When we see a problem, we pool our resources to find a solution. We are engineers, architects, educators, and students, prepared to make a difference in a region of the world that is in need of help.

How You Can Help

The Chirimoto Development Project is continually expanding to conquer new challenges. It is our belief that every Friend of Chirimoto helps us form a connection that will ultimately bring us closer to our goals.